Saturday, 11 February 2017

AjiTh AB

How to Hack any Android Phone Using Droidjack

                  Hi Guys today posted a Hacking Tutorial. Now a days hacking is more trend . In This post i will show you hack Android Smartphones and access all apps easily using Droidjack it is an java apps run in your Computer. Make any with over the Binding on it .and you will access all apps the victims must installed on his smartphone. you have must install java Runner


  1. Download Droidjack 
  2. Download java Runner for Windows
  3. Run an Droidjack

     Go to your cmd prompt -> ipconfig

step -2 

  • click create account
  • and login

  • click to download 
  • and install DNS client on your computer
   And put your DNS link on the DNS on the Droidjack

   And select your app to bind like messenger,xender....etc

   And click them to bind it over the another app you downloaded

   Click to Generate button it must take a few minutes over binding

  and sent to generated apk to victim you want to hack

=>If you have any trouble in following any step, put a comment that helps me to catch you back!

Have a Nice Day...!


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